Adding Weeping Cherry Trees to Your Landscape

If you thought about adding a weeping cherry tree or two to your landscape for beauty you should understand that these trees require a bit more maintenance.
A weeping cherry tree does better in warm climates. Preferred planting zones are 4-8. One could have a weeping cherry tree in a colder climate; however, it has to be in a container and brought indoors during the colder climate.
When planting a weeping cherry tree the general rules for planting apply such as the hole size is to be slightly larger than the container, try not to disturb the roots, well drained soil, etc.
Technically, this tree is grafted from another tree. A cherry tree bud is grafted onto a compatible tree known as root stock. When the bud reaches a specific size it is removed from the root stock and ready for market. This procedure has a small drawback whereby the weeping cherry tree will grow straight branches from the root stock. These branches are easy to see since they grow straight upward versus the willow branches which grow down in a hanging position. These vertical branches must be trimmed down to the root stock; otherwise, if left too long, will cause ugly scaring of the tree trunk.
When planning a landscape which incorporates a weeping cherry tree, one must always take into account the 20-40 ft. circumference that this lovely tree will need. To help maintain the moisture required by this tree it is recommended that a layer of mulch equal to its circumference be added to the ground.
Although the maintenance needs may be a bit higher than normal, the overall result in the spring will be breathtaking with that weeping form of beautiful white blooms. What a show as these graceful weeping branches sway in a gentle spring breeze.


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