Purple Loosestrife

Purple Loosestrife
The Purple Loosestrife origins are Europe and Asia. Around 1800 settlers introduced this plant in their flower gardens.
Each plant has approximately 1-50 flower spikes which are made up of numerous individual flowers. The flower has five or six pink-purple petals which encompass a yellow center. A mature plant can generate up almost 3 million seeds a year. The seed capsules are located on the lower portion of the stalk. Germination may occur the next season or they may lay dormant for several years.
Don’t be mistaken by similarities of the Fireweed, Blue Vervain, Blazing Star and Gayfeather which are all harmless look alikes.
It is an invasive plant. There are numerous methods for controlling the Purple Loosestrife such as Digging and Hand pulling, biological control through insects, cutting by removing flowering spikes for prevent further seed pollination, remove the previous crop of dry seed heads. Place a plastic bag over the seed head. Last, but not least, cut the stems at ground level to inhibit growth.


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