The Empress Tree,Fast Grwoing and Beautiful Aromatic Blooms

Empress Tree

The Empress Tree (Paulownia tomentosa ), also known as Princess Tree, is the world’s fastest growing hardwood tree. One can measure its’ growth daily.

Throughout the year, the Empress Tree presents an interesting view with its’ furry pea sized buds in the winter which burst into huge purple flowers in the spring giving off a delightful mixed fragrance of gardenia and jasmine. In the summer the large leaves form a dense canopy offering a large area of cool shade. In the fall, it is an easy job to clean up the yard with fewer large leaves than thousands of smaller leaves. A definite plus!

The Empress Tree attains a height of approximately 40-50 ft. and width of 30-40 ft.. Grows well in full or partial sun and adapts to most soil conditions. It has good drought tolerance. Growing zones are 5-11.


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