There exists two groups of grasses, warm season and, naturally, cold season. First let’s explore the warm season varieties.
Warm Season:
Big Bluestem
It is clump forming, 3-8 ft. tall with a late summer bloom. It is found in a broad range of habitats from mountains and east North America. It prefers full sun. It is an excellent habitat for turkey, small mammals, songbirds and quail.

River Oats
River Oats are a warm season spreading grass, 1 – 3 ft. in height, blooming in the summer. It habits bottomlands throughout eastern North America. It prefers partial shade with rapid growth. River Oats are self seeding…

Indian Grass

Indian grass is clump forming, 3-6 ft. tall with a mid – late summer bloom. It can be found in meadows, woodlands throughout eastern North America. It enjoys rapid growth in partial to full sun. Because of its adaptability Indian grass makes an excellent choice for restoration and reclamation projects.

It provides very good forage for livestock and habitat for turkey, dove, small mammals, songbirds and quail. Another important use of Indian Grass is to carryout prescribed fire in pine plantations.

Cold Season:

Clump forming grass which attains a height of approximately 20”-40”. It blooms in the spring in woodland and forest habitats in the eastern North America. Oatgrass tolerates drought, infertile soils and fire. It is an important part of the open woodland habitat. It serves a useful grass for soil stabilization of restoration/reclamation projects.


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