Snowflakes on The Perennials

Spring Snowflake
Spring Snowflake and Summer Snowflake are a bulbous perennial plant. While growing, the bulb is kept well below ground level by a special root that lengthens and contracts.
The Spring Snowflake is native to central and southern Europe and western Russia and has been naturalized in numerous other areas on the globe including the east coast of North America. The flowers are small and bell shaped possessing a slight fragrance.
Spring snowflake normally reaches 6-8 inches and flowers from mid February to March, as soon as the snow melts.
Summer Snowflake
Its cousin the Summer snowflake possesses a broader natural range, Europe (including England), southwest Asia and northern Iran. It is no stranger to wetter habits such as damp woodland, riversides and swamps. It flowers from April to May and attains a height of approximately 2 ft.


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