The Love Of Gladiolus Perennial

Gladiolus from the Latin gladius (meaning a sword) is a perennial bulbous flowering plant of the iris family. Of the 260 Gladiolus species, 163 are from Southern Africa and about 10 species are native to Eurasia.
These flowers have a variety of color from pink to reddish or light purple with white, or orange to red, or white to cream, to name a few.
Gladiolus has a short swollen underground stem base that stores food over the winter and produces new foliage in the spring. They are called corms and these corms should be removed from the soil in autumn and stored over the winter months in a frost free environment. Propagation of the Gladiolus is accomplished either from small cormlets, an offspring of the parent corm or from seed. Regardless of the method, it takes several years from the plant to reaching flowering size.
Extensive hybridization of Gladiolus has produced a multitude of ornamental flower colors. They are excellent as a cut flower; however, the height of the cultivated forms makes them very prone to fall over in the wind if left on the plant.


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