Tulip Bulbs

When one mentions bulbs, the first thought that comes to mind is tulips
The tulip is a perennial plant. Many hybrid cultivars are raised in gardens, -pot plants and as fresh cut flowers.
In the early 1600’s a mania swooped throughout Europe and particularly in Holland. Bulbs were traded for land, livestock, and houses and routinely on stock exchanges throughout Holland.
Even though one associates tulips with Holland, it was the Ottoman Empire that cultivated the flower commercially.
Blooming occurs during April and May. The bulbs can withstand frost and temperatures well below freezing. To necessitate proper growth and flowering, a period of low temperature dormancy is needed. Tulips are at their best in long cool springs and early summers; but, are grown as spring blooming annual plants in warmer climates around the globe.
Typically, a tulip bulb is planted in late summer and fall, 4-8 inches deep in well drained soils. Warmer areas of the globe require the bulb to be planted approximately 12 inches deep. This depth offers some protection from the hot summer and tends to force the tulip plant to regenerate one large bulb every year. Although this extends the usefulness of the tulips a few years it will not prevent the degradation of the bulb size and eventually its death.


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