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How To Make Floral Arrangements From Fresh Flowers

September 4, 2012

Make beautiful flowers and boquets from fresh flowers and make them new again by drying them. Pour a few drops of scented oils on them and have a lovley boquet anywhere in your home that lasts for months instead of days. Also you can go online at our website at and view our great seleciton of garden plants, perennial flowers and more.


Planting Guide For All Your Trees, Shrubs & Garden Plants

September 4, 2012

planting bare root trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, wetland plants and more needs the proper care in growing and planting.we have great tips on our website plus great plants at affordable prices at

Making Sure You Have Healthy Plants

September 4, 2012

Plants must have healthy roots to grow well. We have gardening tips on how to check your plants for healthy root systems and also how to make them grow and do well in almost any climate or zone. Check out our blog and our online garden center at

Tranquility In the Garden

September 4, 2012

Peace and tranquility is important things in this fast paced world. Having your own space and creating a tranquility garden should be on the top of your list.We have great ideas on how to create your own garden space.Visit us online at

Indoor Gardening Tips

September 4, 2012

We have some great helpful tips on indoor gardening with your plants successfully. Browse and enjoy our garden tips online on our blog at

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Launches New Online Garden Center

September 4, 2012

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Launches Online Shopping

The Tennessee Wholesale Nursery announces the grand opening of their new online nursery. Shopping for trees, shrubbery, vines, grasses, berry bushes and many additional plantings is now convenient, safe, and fast. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your home! The Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has been providing quality grown products to its customers for over 69 years, and boasts serving a wide variety of clients, including Cornell University, The U.S. Corps of Engineers, Washington Monument National Park, and The Discovery Channel. They sell to wholesalers and to retailers and also directly to individual home owners – you do not have to be a wholesale entity to order. But, you will enjoy wholesale prices! That means you will get the best prices combined with low, reasonable shipping rates.

The new website lists over 100 varieties of trees and over 30 varieties of berry bushes; they have many varieties of blueberry, blackber